Federal Act on Data Protection

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Art. 18b Restriction of the duty to provide information

1Fed­er­al bod­ies may re­fuse, re­strict or de­fer the pro­vi­sion of in­form­a­tion sub­ject to the re­quire­ments of Art­icle 9 para­graphs 1 and 2.

2As soon as the reas­on for re­fus­al, re­stric­tion or de­fer­ral ceases to ap­ply, the fed­er­al bod­ies are bound by the duty to provide in­form­a­tion un­less com­pli­ance is not pos­sible or pos­sible only with dis­pro­por­tion­ate in­con­veni­ence or ex­pense.

1 In­ser­ted by No 3 of the FA of 19 March 2010 on the Im­ple­ment­a­tion of Frame­work De­cision 2008/977/JHA on the pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data pro­cessed in the frame­work of po­lice and ju­di­cial co­oper­a­tion in crim­in­al mat­ters, in force since 1 Dec. 2010 (AS 2010 3387; BBl 2009 6749).

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