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Federal Act
on Administrative Procedure
(Administrative Procedure Act, APA)1

of 20 December 1968 (Status as of 1 July 2022)

1 Abbreviation added by Annex No II 3 of the Law Enforcement Authorities Act of 19 March 2010, in force since 1 Jan. 2011 (AS 2010 3267; BBl 20088125).

Art. 79

C. Fed­er­al As­sembly


1 An ap­peal to the Fed­er­al As­sembly is ad­miss­ible against ap­peal de­cisions and rul­ings if a fed­er­al act so provides.137

2 The ap­peal must be filed with the Fed­er­al As­sembly with­in 30 days of no­ti­fic­a­tion of the ap­peal de­cision or the rul­ing.

3 The ap­peal shall have no sus­pens­ive ef­fect un­less a re­lated pro­vi­sion­al rul­ing has been is­sued by the Fed­er­al Coun­cil.

137 Amended by No I 1 of the FA of 8. Oct. 1999 on Pro­ced­ur­al Amend­ments to the new Fed­er­al Con­sti­tu­tion, in force since 1. March 2000 (AS 2000 416; BBl 1999 7922).