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Swiss Civil Code

of 10 December 1907 (Status as of 1 January 2023) 2018 401; 2020 4005; 2021 312, 565, 917; 2022 109, 551

Art. 593

A. Re­quire­ments

I. At the re­quest of an heir


1 Rather than dis­claim the in­her­it­ance or ac­cept it sub­ject to pub­lic in­vent­ory, each heir is en­titled to re­quest of­fi­cial li­quid­a­tion.

2 However, such re­quest may not be gran­ted if at least one co-heir ac­cepts the in­her­it­ance.

3 In the event of of­fi­cial li­quid­a­tion, the heirs are not li­able for the debts of the es­tate.